6 Amazing Properties of Wool

6 Amazing Properties of Wool

Sustainable fashion is having a moment. As we transition from fast fashion that burdens our environment to slower styles that work as one with the planet, individually, we are all on our own journeys. So, why should you add wool to your wardrobe?


Wool is an overlooked sophisticated and sustainable fabric that is the perfect option for slow style. The British wool industry has a vibrant heritage, with sheep being one of the first domesticated animals. Derived from shearing sheep, wool is an eco-friendly material that is renewable and biodegradable. Grades of wool vary depending on the breed of sheep it originates from - soft wools are perfect for clothing, whereas coarse fibres are more suited to insulation. 


Wool has been historically used to keep us warm and has many additional benefits. Read on to find out more about its unique properties.


Benefits of Wool


  • Highly breathable. Wool garments are naturally breathable. While synthetics only breathe through pours in between the fibres in the fabric, wool fibres naturally allow air to flow. Its breathability will prevent you from overheating, so you do not feel clammy.


  • Keeps You Dry. Wool fibres have an incredible ability to deter moisture from your skin and release it through the fabric via evaporation. Wool also absorbs 30% of its weight before you will begin to feel wet.


  • Odour-Resistant.  Wool can also absorb sweat as you perspire and any odours it may cause, which are only released when the wool is washed. This makes wool the ideal option for layering up for a long hike or post-workout. 


  • Anti-Wrinkle. Due to their unique coil-like structure, wool fibres return to their natural shape after being bent, so woollen fabrics are unlikely to crease or wrinkle. Woollen fabric can stretch comfortably around the body and return to its original shape without sagging. This reduces your ironing and makes it the ideal item to pack when going on holiday.


  • Easy to Clean. Wool has a protective outer layer thanks to its natural function to protect sheep from the surrounding environment. Its unique structure makes it robust and resilient to damage. This helps prevent any marks or stains from being absorbed, so the first sits on the surface and is easily removed.


  • Reacts to Your Body. Wool can react to any changes in our body temperature. It’s an active fibre that helps you stay warm when it’s cold and cools you when it’s warm. This makes it the perfect material throughout the year, helping you minimise your wardrobe and maximise the sustainability of your closet.



On top of these fantastic properties, wool is also comfortable, hypoallergenic and has a high level of UV protection - higher than many synthetic fibres. It also lasts longer than artificial synthetic fibres.


And if that’s not enough, wool biodegrades naturally, so it doesn’t cause any harmful effects on the environment. 


Next time you’re shopping, consider investing in woollen clothing, accessories, and homeware – for you and the planet.

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