5 Tips on how to add plants to your home decor

5 Tips on how to add plants to your home decor

Plants bring many benefits to your life, they clean our air by removing carbon. Bring the outside, inside and make you feel relaxed when you work from home. They are also a very eco-friendly home decor option. Have a look through the styling tips we have compiled for you and start incorporating plants into your home decor today.


1. Embrace simplicity.

As they say less is more, try pairing a simple but sizeable plant with a simple, elegant pot. Pick a plant with large leaves and beautiful shapes. The focus is on the interesting shapes and colour of the plant, and simplicity of the pairing. You can use different pot sizes to create interesting decor.


plant pots 


2. It’s all about the pots.

If you like to be a bit more adventurous with your home decor, don’t shy away from going more bold on the colours, shapes and patterns of your plant pots. Think about how this will fit into your current style, for example, boho style loves patterns and more relaxed looking pots. 




3. Hanging plants.

Hanging plants are a great option for those struggling with floor space. You can go with smaller plants and have them closely hanging together if you do not like cluttering your space. They will add style without overwhelming your space.


4. Wall art.

If you’re struggling with decorating your walls, opt for incorporating plants as part of your shelf display. Go with smaller plants with interesting shapes, pair it with a piece of sculpture, a painting, or a photograph.



5. Plant pot stands.

One of the more exciting additions to the plant world is the new variety of plant stands. Plant stands can help provide a visual focal point in the room. They also add height, allowing for the display of plants closer to a seating area, bringing the plant closer to eye height when sitting.




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